Mammoths in Pavia

The owner of a nice farm, in the surroundings of Pavia, has discovered a very interesting geologic formation, recalling a mammoth, in an area with strong megalithic occupation.
The most extraordinary is that the most suggestive part of the animal, the “nose”, seems to have been arranged by human agency, according to the superficial texture of this part of the rock, compared with the neighbouring areas.
The fact that mammoths were probably extinct by the time of the megalithic builders, could, theoretically, be by-passed by different alternative ways:
The “sculpture” could have been made in Palaeolithic times.
The Neolithic people living in Pavia could be aware of the appearance of the animal through the observation of Palaeolithic art.
The information could have come from Malta and Sicily, where the Dwarf Mammoth apparently did survive until relatively recent times.
Whatever explanation we choose, it is clear that, in prehistoric art, the shape of the rock was frequently used to inspire the motifs carved.
Besides, we must be aware that natural outcrops are closely related with the very genesis of megaliths.

Close to the "animal", there is an interesting rock-shelter, once reported by Vergílio Correia, and close to the farm-house we found evidences for a pre-historic settlement - a granite quern and some hammer-stones... They have been there...


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